Celebrate Black History Month at the Library

This week, we highlight children’s books… 

Ellen’s Broom by Kelly Starling Lyons - Picture Book

Ellen has always kept the broom from her parents’ wedding during slavery days on their cabin wall. Now that she’s getting married, she proudly takes it with her to the ceremony.

Hand in Hand: Ten Black Men Who Changed America by Andrea Pinkney- Children’s Nonfiction

From Benjamin Banneker to Barack Obama, learn about the lives of ten African-American men who changed history.

Courage Has No Color : The True Story of the Triple Nickles, America’s First Black Paratroopers by Tanya Lee Stone – Children’s Nonfiction

Moving history of the nation’s first African-American paratrooper unit.

I, Too, Am America by Langston Hughes – Children’s Poetry

This beautifully illustrated version of the famous poem by Langston Hughes is set in the world of an African-American Pullman porter.

What Was Your Dream, Dr. King? And Other Questions About Martin Luther King, Jr. by Mary Kay Carson – Children’s Nonfiction

Information about Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr. and the Civil Rights Movement presented in question and answer format.

These Hands by Margaret H. Mason – Picture Book

His grandpa’s hands could do so many things, but they weren’t allowed to touch the bread in the Wonder Bread factory until his hands joined with other hands and fought discrimination.

Brick by Brick by Charles R. Smith – Children’s Nonfiction

Brick-by-brick, they built the White House. The lasting legacy of the slaves who helped build the White House is memorialized in lyric words and powerful illustrations.

Heart and Soul: The Story of America and African Americans by Kadir Nelson – Children’s Nonfiction

Award-winning introduction to African-American history.

Discovering Black America : From the Age of Exploration to the Twenty-First Century by Linda Tarrant-Reid – Children’s Nonfiction

Presents an overview of African-American history from the first African explorers in the 15th century to today.