Reading Olympics

What is the Reading Olympics?

The Reading Olympics is a county-wide celebration of reading for kids in fourth grade through high school. A committee of teachers, reading specialists and librarians created a list of forty to fifty books for the kids to read during the school year. In the spring, schools form teams and go head to head in a question and answer competition with teams from other schools. No one is ever eliminated and everyone wins a ribbon.

Why should I join a Reading Olympics team?

It's a lot of fun to belong to a team and represent your school. You get to make new friends and read some really great books.

How can I join?

Talk with your teacher or school librarian to find out if there is a team at your school. Don't forget to get your parents permission first.

Okay, I'm on a team! How do I find my books?

Your Reading Olympics team leader will have a list of books.

Good Luck and Have Fun!

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