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The Regular Meeting of the Board of Directors of the Bucks County Free Library was held at the Bensalem Branch. The meeting was called to order at 5:33 p.m. Present were:  Det Ansinn, President; Roberta Foerst, Secretary; Jerry Balchis, Treasurer; Mary Ann Beltz and Christina Paugh-Greenwood, Board Trustees; Martina Kominiarek, Executive Director; Sue Ziegler, Public Services Director; John Doran, Chief Financial Officer; and Pam Riley , Executive Assistant. Also in attendance were Janet Marnatti, Collection Management Director; Mike Schabert, IT Director; and Jen Mueller, Web Coordinator. Bill Draper, Vice President was absent.

A MOTION to APPROVE the minutes of the Regular Meeting of March 17, 2009 was made by Beltz, SECONDED by Foerst and APPROVED unanimously.



Report of Branch Manager/            Bensalem Branch

Bensalem Branch Manager Lisa Kern thanked the board for their support of the luncheon provided on National Library Workers Day. She discussed the past year’s changes that have occurred at Bensalem. The parking lot repair was completed quickly with minimal disruption to service. Staff used the downtime to do a thorough weeding of books. She said patrons had a smooth transition when the library reopened, commenting on the “new books” that were very easy to see and find as a result of the clean look from the weeding project. She invited board members to check out the new passport office, a dedicated room for the completion of passport applications that affords agents a more productive procedure by allowing for an office and waiting area in one space. Within the past year Stephanie Deeter was named as Assistant Branch Manager, and she has jumped right in by creating exciting children’s programs and providing more outreach and in-house visits. A partnership with the Bensalem School District resulted in a combined effort to provide library cards to every 11th grader attending Bensalem High School. Bensalem library staff worked hard to organize the process, and it was a positive experience for everyone. Two other partnerships are with Build Better Bensalem Today (BBBT), where they have incorporated One Book, One Young Child, and Vita Education Services, whose ESL students are provided with library tours, library cards and information on library services.


Report of Executive Director (submitted in writing)

Executive Director Martina Kominiarek thanked Lisa Kern and the Bensalem staff for all the work they do and all the assistance they provided during the many changes over the past year. She also thanked Facilities Manager Joe Thompson and office staff for delivering food to all the branches on National Library Workers Day.

The DCAC meeting will be held on May 12, 2009, with the discussion focused on budget talks. State funding cuts of 2.8% have been incorporated into the proposed budget. The DCLC opted to cancel the Proquest database because of low usage and as a money‑saving effort. The DCAC will additionally review the budget and decide what to do in anticipation of more state budget cuts.


Report of Public Services Director (submitted in writing)

Sue Ziegler acknowledged the board meeting attendance of union stewards Beryl Heisman and Alison McDonough.  


Report of Chief Financial Officer

MOTION to APPROVE the payment of bills for March 2009 in the amount of $472,001.29 was made by Beltz, SECONDED by Foerst and APPROVED unanimously.

CFO John Doran reported that March was a relatively good month for BCFL investments. He said that the completed audit was expected to be delivered next week, with a meeting scheduled with the auditors to review their findings.

MOTION to APPROVE the March 2009 financial statements (subject to audit) was made by Foerst, SECONDED by Beltz, and APPROVED unanimously.


Web Coordinator Presentation

Web Coordinator Jen Mueller gave a presentation on the BCFL web site redesign, showing board members how it will look and its features. It was asked if the online calendar will feature board meeting locations, dates and times. Although it is not currently utilized for this, it was agreed that they will be when the new web site is activated. Board member photos will be added to the web site.




Collection Management Director

Janet Marnatti, Collection Management Director, reported on the status of the Bensalem library renovation. Architects presented both her and Joe Thompson with options for the renovation, and she discussed these with the board. She showed the board how the new combination circulation and reference desk will look. She noted that all lighting will be replaced in the library, as it currently is not illuminating the books on shelves the way it should, and it would be more energy efficient. The library is trying out a moveable laptop table that library users seem to be enjoying. The table would replace end tables and allows users to get near available outlets. Another proposed purchase would be for a security device called Lock-A-Shelf that provides zero theft of DVDs and video games. It also saves on staff time, as it is completely self automated. Bensalem library would pilot the device. The board requested more information on the unit before moving forward.

CMD Marnatti said that they are looking toward fourth quarter completion of the renovation project, with funding provided by income generated from the on-site passport office.


Board Committee Reports:

Board trustee Mary Ann Beltz reported on the committee’s discussion regarding using PayPal to receive donations, especially as the web redesign will include donor pages. With the cash register project moving forward, they discussed the possibility of patron payments being made using credit cards for fines. At this point it is a Sirsi issue, and staff members are looking into the options available.

Currently, there is a vacancy on the board, and the Governance Committee worked on determining a profile of what characteristics would add the right experience to the board to make it balanced. Board president Det Ansinn was asked to pass the recommendations onto the commissioners. Additionally, the committee is working on the development of a board manual with each committee member responsible for a section of it.


Correspondence – Submitted in writing


Public Comment – No public commented.



Unfinished business   None


New Business – IT Director Mike Schabert reported on the success achieved using Unique Management Services for a trial period, with a significant return on investment noted. He recommended continuing with them on an annual basis.


A MOTION to APPROVE the continued use of Unique Management Services, Inc. was made by Foerst; SECONDED by Balchis; and unanimously APPROVED.


There being no further business, a MOTION to ADJOURN was made at 6:47 p.m. by Beltz, SECONDED by Paugh-Greenwood; and so MOVED. 


Respectfully submitted,

                                                                             Pamela J. Riley



Executive Assistant





MAY 20, 2009




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