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The Regular Meeting of the Board of Directors of the Bucks County Free Library was held at the District Library Center in Doylestown. The meeting was called to order at 5:30 p.m. Present were:  Det Ansinn, President; Bill Draper, Vice President; Roberta Foerst, Secretary; Jerry Balchis, Treasurer; Mary Ann Beltz, Board Trustee; Martina Kominiarek, Executive Director; Sue Ziegler, Public Services Director; John Doran, Chief Financial Officer; and Pam Riley , Executive Assistant. Also in attendance were:  Hal Rosenberg, District Consultant; Janet Marnatti, Collection Management Director; Michael Schabert, IT Director; Joe Thompson, Facilities Manager; Holly Ambrose, Collection Management Coordinator; and Diane Kraus, Union Steward. Christina Paugh-Greenwood and Charles Meredith, Board Trustees, were absent.


A MOTION to APPROVE the minutes of the Regular Meeting of December 16, 2008 was made by Foerst, SECONDED by Draper and APPROVED unanimously.





Report of Executive Director (submitted in writing)


Executive Director Martina Kominiarek said that several key staff members were in attendance at tonight’s meeting to report to the board on their proposed budgets for their departments. She thanked them for coming to this board meeting and thanked CFO John Doran for his efforts in overseeing the budget preparations.


The vision statement was on the agenda for the board to review and officially approve as part of the strategic plan. The strategic plan will be updated and placed on the BCFL website. Trustee Beltz had one suggested revision. She suggested that rather than state that children will be ready to read, write and learn, we change the sentence to state, “We provide materials and services to help young children enter school ready to read write and learn.


A MOTION to APPROVE the vision statement as amended was made by Beltz, SECONDED by Draper and APPROVED unanimously.


Next discussed was the anticipated 1% decrease in state funding, which equals about $30,000. It was stated that BCFL is prepared if economic situation continues and additional state cuts occur. Cpl directors will be apprised of the possibility of a decrease in county coordination and district funding. It is expected that by March we will be told exactly how much funding to expect.




Board President Det Ansinn reflected that the 3% increase received from the county was great news. Kominiarek stated that we were very fortunate, as many municipalities have been flat funded. 



Report of Public Services Director  (submitted in writing)


Public Services Director Sue Ziegler stated that the Langhorne branch was closed on the previous Saturday as the result of a broken water pipe. Fortunately, the damage was limited to the carpeting, with no materials hit by the incoming water.


There was a successful training presented by Dave Spitko, BCFL attorney, on the PA Right to Know Law. Fifty-five people were in attendance. It was offered as a district event, and almost all libraries were represented by directors and/or board members.



Report of Chief Financial Officer

MOTION to APPROVE the payment of bills for December 2008 in the amount of $276,823.05 was made by Draper, SECONDED by Beltz, and APPROVED unanimously.


No financial statement was presented for December 2008, as the CFO is waiting for additional information and reports to close out the year.


CFO John Doran informed the board that the annual audit will be started on-site during the first two weeks of February 2009. He then went on to discuss the budget materials that had been distributed to the board via e-mail, explaining major differences from last year’s budget.


Collection Management Director Janet Marnatti discussed her budget, pointing out that there will be an increase in audio/visual items purchased to reflect the increased circulation of A/V items, which comprise approximately one third of total circulation. She also said there will be a continuation of purchasing more bestsellers.


IT Director Mike Schabert reported that the IT budget for 2009 allows for an increase in computer equipment and supplies, although they will be consolidating some software licenses to save on expenses.






Facilities Manager Joe Thompson reported that some major repairs are being funded by the county as part of their capital projects, including the Yardley branch parking lot and the Doylestown library’s HVAC system. Most of the facilities budget is operational, with not much allowed for renovations or repairs. Grant opportunities that are garnered allow for renovations. Currently, we received a Community Development Block Grant of $22,000 that was used to purchase and install power-assist doors at the Bensalem, Langhorne and Yardley branches. Also, Representative Melio assisted in our obtaining a Department of Community and Economic Development grant in the amount of $10,000 for the Levittown library that was used to purchase lightweight tables and replace pillars outside the library that were damaged by vandalism.


Board President Det Ansinn thanked John Doran and staff for the budget presentation and also Board Treasurer Jerry Balchis for his assistance. –


MOTION to APPROVE the budget for the year 2009 was made by Draper, SECONDED by Balchis, and APPROVED unanimously.



Board Committee Reports:

Board Vice President Bill Draper reported on the Governance Committee meeting, stating that they met and reviewed the policy recommendations presented by Kominiarek and Ziegler. Kominiarek stated that the library behavior policy should include some language regarding sexually-explicit exhibits on computers. She said this would duplicate language in the computer policy but felt it was necessary to be included in the behavior policy as well as an aid to staff that are enforcing the rules.


MOTION to APPROVE the Library Behavior Policy with the additional language was made by Beltz, SECONDED by Foerst, and APPROVED unanimously.


Draper asked for any additional comments or questions on the circulation policies. Kominiarek reiterated information sent to the board that BCFL wants to discontinue phone calls to inform library users when materials they have place holds on are available for pick up. BCFL has a high volume of holds and currently uses e-mail notices to inform customers when materials are available. She suggested changing the language in the circ policy to reflect this practice.


 MOTION to APPROVE the Circulation Policies was made by Beltz, SECONDED by Draper, and APPROVED unanimously.







Collection management policy needs one more statement regarding material donations, particularly about self-published or self-produced materials, and also what we will accept and how we will accept it. Also, donor recognition plan needs to be looked at and determined. Currently, there is no minimum donation set to request a memorial book, but the process is time intensive and can be costly. Also to be included in the policy is recognition or thanks via our web site, with different fonts/sizes for different levels of donations. This policy is slated for approval at next month’s board meeting. Web recognition will be ready to go. Ansinn questioned whether recycling materials is part of the policy, and Marnatti stated that although it is not explicitly clarified, it does state that we will recycle. Ansinn suggested that it would be a good idea to have in formal policy that we will recycle “where it is available.”


Draper said that the committee is also strategizing on fundraising and after reviewing various plans will bring something to the board.



Correspondence – Submitted in writing



Public Comment – No public commented.



Unfinished business   None



New Business – None




There being no further business, a MOTION to ADJOURN was made at 6:30 p.m. by Draper, SECONDED by Beltz and so MOVED.


Respectfully submitted,


                                                                                  Pamela J. Riley


Executive Assistant





FEBRUARY 17, 2009



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