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The Regular Meeting of the Board of Directors of the Bucks County Free Library was held at the District Library Center in Doylestown. The meeting was called to order at 5:30 p.m. Present were:  Det Ansinn, President; Bill Draper, Vice President; Roberta Foerst, Secretary; Jerry Balchis, Treasurer; Mary Ann Beltz and Christina Paugh-Greenwood, Board Trustees; Martina Kominiarek, Executive Director; Sue Ziegler, Public Services Director; John Doran, Chief Financial Officer; and Pam Riley , Executive Assistant.


A MOTION to APPROVE the minutes of the Regular Meeting of February 17, 2009 was made by Beltz, SECONDED by Draper and APPROVED unanimously.





Report of Assistant Branch Manager/Doylestown


Assistant Branch Manager JoAnn Kern gave an update on adult services at the Doylestown branch. She described how arranging areas differently has made the library seem more open and less cluttered. This was achieved in part by interfiling paperbacks with hardbacks and weeding items that weren’t being used. Another big project was the massive reclassification and relabeling of music CDs. Library staff are making use of the online calendar by listing Friends events and computer classes. The computer classes have been a big hit with library users, with instruction in basic computer techniques and skills and Internet 101. The Basic Skills class enrollment has skyrocketed, and classes are booked through June. More offerings will be added in the future to include classes on advanced Internet searching and e-mailing. She said that she will be doing training for AskPA, which is an online reference librarian service.


Report of Executive Director (submitted in writing)

Executive Director Martina Kominiarek discussed the upcoming Sirsi upgrade to the Symphony version that will take place sometime in May. She said there won’t be too many noticeable changes for the public, as most of the differences will occur behind the scenes for IT. The cost of the upgrade is included in the annual renewal package, and there should not be any noticeable downtime to install it. Testing is ongoing and already started.


Web Sites – The public web site is currently being redesigned with launching planned for June 1. Jen Mueller will attend the next board meeting to give the board a preview.



Bensalem Renovation –Passport funds are planned for the expenditure of the renovation with some exciting changes occurring. Thanks to the efforts of staff who have worked hard on passports we are able to fund the renovation. We are hopeful that completion will occur sometime between Sept – Dec. 2009. Once the renovations are completed, we hope to schedule the Bucks County Commissioners Meeting to be held there.


Report of Public Services Director (submitted in writing)


Public Services Director Sue Ziegler stated that checkout statistics have shown a 19% increase year to date across BCFL. She acknowledged the attendance of  Diane Kraus, head union steward, in attendance at the meeting. 




Report of Chief Financial Officer

MOTION to APPROVE the payment of bills for February 2009 in the amount of $350,405.29 was made by Foerst, SECONDED by Balchis and APPROVED unanimously.


Treasurer Jerry Balchis discussed a meeting held with Wachovia representatives regarding BCFL investments. It was determined that BCFL will not make any changes until September, at which time they will review this matter again.


CFO John Doran reported that the financial statements demonstrate that we are on track and better than the budget. As of 2/28/09 we were down 12%, but it is hoped that March will show some improvement. He said that he has received the draft audit statements from our auditors, with the final due here by April 15, 2009.


MOTION to APPROVE the February 2009 financial statements (subject to audit) was made by Draper, SECONDED by Balchis, and APPROVED unanimously.




Board Committee Reports:

The Governance Committee met. Chairperson Bill Draper said that the committee plans to focus on orienting new board members and to have a systematic and concise method of sharing both the board’s and the new member’s expectations of their BCFL board experience.


The Privacy Policy was reviewed by the committee, and they were recommending that it be approved.



Correspondence – Submitted in writing



Public Comment – No public commented.



Unfinished business   A MOTION to APPROVE the revised Privacy Policy was made by Beltz; SECONDED by Foerst, and APPROVED unanimously.


Newly-appointed board member Charles Meredith relayed through President Ansinn that his schedule does not permit him to serve on the BCFL board. Mr. Meredith will be contacting the commissioners.



New Business – Briefly, the board members were told that a Facebook presence for BCFL was in the development stages.



There being no further business, a MOTION to ADJOURN was made at 6:08 p.m. by Beltz, SECONDED by       Balchis and so MOVED.



Respectfully submitted,


                                                                                Pamela J. Riley


Executive Assistant






APRIL 21, 2009



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