Margaret R. Grundy Memorial Library

Accomplishments & History

The Bristol Free Library, located in Bristol, Pennsylvania, opened to the community in the early 1900's. It was housed in a room with a pot-bellied stove and shared space in the local community building. The Library was neither municipally supported nor did it have paid personnel. It was staffed by volunteers and supported solely by a few service organizations and local citizens. One of those citizens was Margaret R. Grundy, who spent the better part of her life raising funds and purchasing books for the library. It was largely through her efforts that the library remained open and free to the community. Her family had a strong commitment and firm understanding of the value of a free community library.

Upon the death of her brother, Senator Joseph R. Grundy in 1961, his Last Will & Testament established The Grundy Foundation which carried on the family's tradition of giving back to the community by directing that the family home become a museum and that a public library be constructed adjacent to the museum. Both the museum and library were to be named in honor of Margaret who preceded him in death. The library was erected in its current location, overlooking the Delaware River, on Friday, June 24, 1966. Recent renovations have accentuated the panoramic view of the Delaware from the Library's beautiful interior.

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