Fallsington Library

Accomplishments & History

Originally housed in the local inn beginning in 1802, the "library" was moved among homes of local villagers who acted as librarian. The current, two-story Fallsington Library in the Historic Village of Fallsington was built in 1878 with a $5000 grant from Isaiah Williamson, a well-known dry-goods merchant, Philadelphia philanthropist, and founder of the Williamson Trade School. Growing up in Fallsington, Mr. Williamson had used the library extensively and felt the village should have a real library building. The library remained the focus of social life for the village until the 1950's when Levittown was built. Interestingly, it was with a donation of books from Fallsington that the Levittown Library was founded. The interior of the Fallsington Library was extensively refurbished in the late 1980's, but still retains its Victorian allure.

The second floor of the library has been used for town meetings, plays and other community functions. A stage area on this level has numerous World War II era messages carved into its wood. For a time, the local elementary school used the space for basketball practice. Today, the upper level is getting a facelift thanks to funding from Fallsington Township and new uses are envisioned.

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