Staying Safe

Be safe and surf smart! Here are some tips to help.



  • Unless you change the privacy settings on your blog or profile, anyone has access to it.
  • Be smart and don't post anything on your blog or profile you wouldn't want your teacher, coach, or future employer or college recruiter to see.
  • Talk to a parent, guardian, or another trusted adult if something posted on your blog, site, or the internet makes you scared, confused, or uncomfortable. Trust your intuition; if it doesn't feel right, report it.
  • Never give out your password to anyone except your parent or guardian.

Be Cautious:

  • Don't give any personal information, photos, or videos to someone you don't know over the internet.
  • Don't post personal information about yourself or your friends such as your cell phone number, school, or address on your blog or website.
  • When surfing online, be aware of misleading websites when you are searching for information or a homework assignment.
  • Don't meet anyone you have only talked to online in person.
  • Don't respond to threatening or harassing emails, posts, and IM's.

Be sure to:

  • Check the privacy settings on your blog or website. Make sure you need to approve people to "friend" you.
  • Save and print any questionable activity to your blog or website and include the date and time.

Check this website for more information about safety and the internet:


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